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I'm a tattooer and the owner of Haven, a private studio located in NYC. I've worked various jobs in the tattoo industry over15 years and have been tattooing for a decade. Although sufficient in many styles of tattooing, my favorite kind to do is what I call "bubblegum traditional" which is somewhere in between traditional and neo trad; using a lot of pinks and stars... the girlier the better. My favorite subjects ta tattoo include pop culture tattoos, animals, girl heads, and anything cute & creepy.

I created Haven to be unlike any shop I've ever worked at... 100% FEMALE OWNED + OPERATED. It is meant to be a space that is safe for ALL body types, colors and sizes. Tattooing is one of the most intimate, vulnerable and intimidating processes, especially for women in particular....  After working in environments that wreaked of toxic masculinity and hearing horror stories from my female clients about their past negative tattoo experiences I decided something needed to change in the industry. So, with the help of my wife, visual artist Cameron Cox, I created that change with Haven. Not only will you wear your tattoo forever, you will also carry the memory of your tattoo experience. I want that experience to be a comfortable, judgement free,  positive one. 



I've been fortunate to have my work featured in press outlets such as The New York Times, New York Post, Nylon Magazine, Inked Magazine, Buzzfeed, Refinery29, Elle Australia, Oprah Magazine, Syfy Network, and the Today Show.  

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